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What participants are saying

In our first 1.5 years of running tours and workshops, we've had the privilege to spend time with over 900 participants, including local residents and folks from civic organizations, companies, governmental bodies, secondary schools and universities.

And the feedback has been incredible! Participants describe our tours and workshops as "moving," "inspirational," and - yes - even "confronting," helping them deeply reflect about migration, integration, inclusion, and what it means to live in a culture that’s not necessarily the one we were born into. 

But don't take our word for it! Check out some of the reviews below and visit us on TripAdvisor.

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We provide tours for a range of organisations and initiatives

Some of the many organisations we've given tours and workshops to include:

Buddy2Buddy, CIEE, COA, De Toevlucht, Emigratie Generatie, Expatriate Archive Centre, Fenix, Gemene Grond, Le Guess Who, Hogeschool  Mijn Wijk Jouw Wijk, Oxford University, Prince Claus Fund for Culture & Development, Present Utrecht, RaboBank, Ruimtekoers Akademie, Studentvereniging Perikles, Toevlucht Utrecht, Towson University, Ubuntuhuis, University of Amsterdam, U-Festival, Utrecht Gemeente, Utrecht University, Wageningen University & Research, Wijkbureau West

“A thought-provoking journey that will turn your perception of Lombok upside down.”
“It challenges and sharpens your intersectional awareness for the better! Everyone should take this tour!”
“A horizon-broadening and heartwarming experience!”
"I liked how it was personal and from the intercultural companion's perspective. It was refreshing to hear more about the people that live in a place instead of just the facts and dates." 
"What sparked my interest was the way we were encouraged to be open and discuss topics with other participants. It felt inspiring to hear other people's experiences. I also enjoyed that knowledge-sharing took place in a respectful and safe environment."
"I really liked that it changed my view on what we understand as being 'Dutch' and on intercultural society. It made me realize that cultures don't exist separately alongside one another but are connected and influencing each other."
"I loved how our intercultural companion explained everything in such a personal and easy-to-understand way. And I loved how the tour made you interact with people and get to know each other and learn more about Lombok. The themes were so interesting and well thought-out!"
"The tour introduces you to stories deeply embedded in the city so often left out of the 'official' record."
"You get to see, hear about and talk about very different things encountered in the day-to-day life of migrants."
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