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Who we are

More than one out of every three people living in Utrecht today has a parent born outside of the Netherlands, connecting Utrecht to places near and far throughout the world. The city is home to many people who came to the country as gastarbeiders in the 1960s and their descendants; from the former Dutch colonies; seeking asylum; and international students and ‘knowledge workers’. At Migrantour Utrecht, we're passionate about raising awareness about Utrecht’s migrant heritage and enabling our tour participants to reflect on how this heritage connects to their own. 

Migrantour Utrecht is a responsible tourism initiative co-created and led by people with migration backgrounds that offers tours and workshops different from what you’re used to. When you join us, you’re not just going to be picking up new information – you’ll also be supported in interacting, connecting, and engaging in dialogue with people of diverse backgrounds. We challenge participants to move beyond cultural exotification and focus instead on the dynamic intersections that influence our identities and the role we each play in shaping the places we call ‘home’. 

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Meet our team

Abdel-Rahman El-Gammal

Intercultural Companion

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Anas Al Halabi

Intercultural Companion

bushra (1).jpg

Bushra Hamdan

Intercultural Companion

Carol Pertuz

Coordination Team Member /

Intercultural Companion


Constanze Hödl

Coordination Team Member / Tour Bookings

MT Utrecht - Denzel Diamanti_20221221_060903_0002.png

Denzel Diamanka

Tour Co-creator / Intercultural Companion

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-28 at 20.16.43.jpeg
Fitri Panjaitan

Intercultural Companion


Ilya Genov

Intercultural Companion

MT Utrecht - Jill Ahrens_20221221_060903_0000.png

Jill Ahrens

Tour Co-creator /

Intercultural Companion

MT Utrecht - Meghann Ormond_20221221_060903_0005.png
Meghann Ormond

Co-Founder / Coordination Team Member / Tour Co-creator

/ Intercultural Companion /

Workshop Facilitator


Negar Rajabi

Tour Co-creator /

Intercultural Companion


Noemi Chiavassa

Intercultural Companion-in-training

MT Utrecht - Randa Awad_20221221_060903_0006.png
Randa Awad

Tour Co-creator /

Intercultural Companion

MT Utrecht - Yetunde Oludare.png

Yetunde Oludare

Tour Co-creator /

Intercultural Companion

Migrantour Utrecht's guided walking tours are based on our lives

Migrantour Utrecht is the first Migrantour in the Netherlands. Our Lombok tour was co-created together with Abdulaal Hussein, Dana Motlaq, Daniel Okiror, Denzel Diamanti, Jill Ahrens, Negar Rajabi, Norullah Ihsan, Oumar Barry, Paula Bran, Randa Awad, Sasha Jourd'heuil, Siham El Ouazizi, Samah Kareesh, and Yetunde Oludare. Migrantour Utrecht was co-founded by cultural geographer and educator Dr Meghann Ormond and social worker and educator Fiona Hawes.

To co-create our guided walking tour of Utrecht’s Lombok neighbourhood, we’ve spoken with many Utrecht residents, business people and community organisers to better understand changes in Lombok over time and its current reality. We’ve explored how over 500 years of migration have shaped Lombok, Utrecht and the Netherlands. We’ve reflected on our own experiences with migration and the ways in which our own diverse heritages link up with — and add to — the layers of heritage in Lombok. We’ve imagined, debated and defined the topics and places we want to include in the Netherlands’ very first Migrantour guided walking tour. We’ve learned from storytelling and guiding experts about how to engage our tour participants. And we’re now thrilled to be able to share this beautiful tour with you.

Find out more about Migrantour Utrecht and how it was developed: 

Migrantour digital story map

We collaborate with many organisations and initiatives to bring Migrantour Utrecht to you

We are hosted by Stichting Collective Nouns' De Voorkamer.

Some of the other organisations, businesses and initiatives we work with include:

ACRA, AlterBrussels, Aarti, Associação Renovar a Mouraria, Bilad al Sham, Bitterzoete Route, Crossing Borders, DOCK/Buurthuis Rosa, Gemeente Utrecht, Hogeschool Utrecht, Emigratie Generatie, Erasmus University, Kleine Max, Le Guess Who, Lombok Archief, Morty's Kaas en Delicatessen, Nexes Interculturals, Reinwardt Academie, Ubuntuhuis, Vertel Akademie, Viaggi Solidali, and Wageningen University & Research

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