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What we offer

Not far from the city center, Utrecht’s Lombok neighborhood is famous for its Ulu Camii mosque and Kanaalstraat shops. But there’s much more to Lombok’s rich, dynamic migration heritage to learn about and experience.

Get to know Lombok and the folks who live here better by taking our signature 2-hour Migrantour Utrecht guided walking tour! And why not make it an event, by adding on workshops, experiences and a meal after you take the tour?  Check out our offerings below!

Signature Migrantour guided walking tour

Our signature Migrantour guided walking tour

Connect with the migration heritage of Utrecht's Lombok neighborhood during our 2-hour guided walking tour co-created and led by intercultural companions with diverse migration backgrounds. 


Our team of Migrantour Utrecht intercultural companions draw on their personal migration experiences and knowledge of Lombok to offer tour participants fresh and nuanced perspectives on

  • Dutch-ness and the social construction of national identity;

  • The role of schooling in social inclusion and exclusion;

  • Religious expression and tolerance in the city;

  • Gentrification;

  • Living with undocumented status;

  • Acknowledging our colonial legacies; and

  • Initiatives supporting connection with people different from ourselves.

Guided walking tours are available in English. Consult us about the possibility of having a tour in Dutch,  Arabic, Farsi or German.

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Complement your guided walking tour with our specially designed workshops that help enhance the impact of the tour and also serve as fun, meaningful team-building experiences! 

From creative workshops (e.g., linocut printing, embroidery, African drumming, collage, etc.) to cooking classes to educational workshops and thematic dialogue sessions (e.g., diversity and inclusion, ethics, participatory design, etc.) - there's something for everyone!

Let us customise a post-tour workshop just for you, whether it's a one-hour session or a full-day experience.

Workshops are available in English.



Interested in tasting great dishes from around the world? Let us cater for your group before or after your tour.



How can I get ready for the tour?

- Tour duration: The tour lasts 2 hours. Please be at the starting point 10 minutes before the tour begins.

- Starting point: Upon signing up, you'll receive an email with the starting point address in Lombok. 

- End point: De Voorkamer, Kanaalstraat 225, 3531 CJ Utrecht.

- How to prepare: The tour involves a 2-km walk. Please wear good walking shoes, bring water to drink, and dress for the weather.

What does it cost and how do I book?

A tour for 8 people (max.) costs EUR 140 (as at 25 June 2023). We are in the process of developing a sliding fee scale, however, so that tours for non-profit organisations with limited budgets can be subsidised by organisations that can afford to pay more.

For bookings, contact the Migrantour Utrecht local coordinator, Constanze, at 

She'll get back to you within 48 hours to initiate the booking process. In your email, please indicate the following:

- Your name and full contact details

- Desired dates and time slots

- Estimated number of tour participants

- A brief description of who will be participating (age group, background, interests, etc.)

- If you would like a workshop and/or catering in addition to the tour

How can I contribute to this initiative?

We work hard to ensure that everyone feels respected and valued during our tours and workshops. We work closely with local community members to ensure that what we do is respectful and in service of the diverse communities living and working in Lombok. However, we understand we cannot represent everyone, and our offerings will always be a work in progress.


We welcome anyone who would like to contribute to our project and help us make our offerings even more inclusive.

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